Christian Retreat Center


Pine Eden Pricing

Per Person Call for current rates
*140 Capacity with 30 person minimum.
Dining Hall $175 Daily
Study Center $150 Daily
Chapel $125 Daily
Pavilion $100 Daily
*Groups less than 60 staying in the dorms can expect to pay the full rate for facilities. Groups with 75 or less people can expect to share the facilities. Facility fee will be divided if groups share the retreat.


Reservations can only be made through the Pine Eden office. Upon requests, a reservation form will be mailed. Tentative reservations can be made over the phone as long as the reservation form and deposit are mailed back into the office two weeks after initial contact. Groups staying over night will be expected to pay 25% of the total estimated price as their deposit. There is a second damage deposit of $100 for any damages that may occur. This deposit will be returned within two weeks after the group leaves if the facilities are returned to their original state. A final count should be called in one week prior to the event and each group will be expected to pay for at least that many people. Groups renting the facilities just for the day can expect to pay a $50 deposit for each building they will use. The remaining payment should be paid upon arrival to Pine Eden.



Groups that give a 45+ day notice will receive a refund. All other cancellations will be expected to pay the minimum group fee.