Christian Retreat Center


About Pine Eden

Built for the Body of Christ
Pine Eden is set apart to provide facilities for Christ-centered retreats and events held to nurture and promote spiritual growth.  No agendas.  No denominational emphasis.  Simply: a place for the Body of Christ.
The Mission of Pine Eden is refreshing and Biblical.  A group of believers build a place for Christians to find retreat, refreshment, release, and a bunch more words starting with re-.  Come to Pine Eden and find Renewal.

Brief History of Pine Eden
In response to the perceived need and usefulness of a retreat property where seekers and disciples of Jesus Christ might gather for instruction, fellowship, worship, reflection, rest, and recreation, Pine Eden was begun in 2000 by a group of organizers from the Chattahoochee Valley area, in and around Columbus, Georgia. Many of the group had themselves attended weekend retreats on the “Walk to Emmaus” program and were desirous of seeing a retreat facility constructed in central Georgia for Emmaus and similar ministry opportunities. Prayer and focused efforts over a period of time lead to the donation of land and funds needed for construction of Pine Eden, just east of Hamilton, Harris County, Georgia.
The groundbreaking took place in August 2001.
Pine Eden is situated on roughly 17 acres of pine and hardwood timberland. The property has been developed to provide an aesthetically beautiful and tranquil setting for short-term Christian retreats. Facilities exist to house 140 people. Meeting space, dining hall, chapel, conference facility, and a open air, covered pavilion allow for gatherings in a variety of settings.  Recreational opportunities included swimming pool, recreational field, basketball court, fishing dock and a developing walking trail.

Who May Use It
Pine Eden is a retreat property, providing accommodation, dining, worship, and teaching space in a natural setting.
Pine Eden is not open to groups whose primary purpose is other than the teaching of Christ’s truth and the making of Christ’s disciples.
Pine Eden is a Christian retreat providing space for Christian churches, Christian organizations and parachurch proponents of the Christian church.  All groups seeking use of the property embrace the generally held beliefs of historical, biblical, evangelical Christianity.
The board of Pine Eden do, and users of Pine Eden shall, generally hold to the following tenets of Christian faith and doctrine: Trinitarian Godhead, divinity of Christ, fallen state of man, Christ the sacrifice for sin, Christ the only way to salvation, individual faith needful to salvation, call of every disciple of Christ to serve Him in this world, scripture as the Word of God for belief, faith, and practice, heaven a promise of God to those who know Him through faith in Christ.